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    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    <p>Electronic fence and electrostatic induction alarm different principles: Electrostatic induction system: the detection of cable power after the cable generated in the vicinity of the electrostatic field, the intruder's biological field close to or touch the cable when the static magnetic field field changes, which triggered the alarm; pulse electronic fence: zone alloy wire load high <a href="">replacing deck wood balusters with pvc railings</a> voltage pulse signal, The intruder contacts the alloy wire and leads to changes in the detection of the signal on the alloy wire.</p><p> The detector determines whether the alarm is based on the magnitude of the pulse signal change returned by the zone. Electronic fence and electrostatic induction function to achieve different: electrostatic induction system: blocking and alarm dual function. The new concept of perimeter security system is to try to invaders block outside the zone, not for the purpose of committing the crime. Pulse electronic fence: with blocking, deterrence, alarm upgrade <a href="">which composite decking is the best in uk</a> function. Electronic fence and electrostatic induction alarm and type: electrostatic induction system: when the intruder approaching, touch, cut, over the electronic fence when the system sends an alarm signal, the alarm has advance sex.</p><p> Pulse electronic fence: When a broken network, short circuit, touch the net, the system sends an alarm signal, when the invasion of the perimeter alarm. Electronic fence and electrostatic induction front fence cable load voltage: static sensor system: detection cable load voltage is low voltage, the body directly contact the cable exposed to the human body will not have any impact; electronic fence and electrostatic induction detector control the number of zones and control <a href="">build a deck bench seat</a> zone Length: electrostatic induction system: a detector to control a zone, zone protection length according to the different models and different models, according to the actual needs of customers choose the detector model. Pulse electronic fence: a single zone detector and dual zone detector two, a single zone detector only control a separate zone, a dual zone detector can control the adjacent two zones. The maximum guard <a href="">Wholesale Outdoor Deck Material</a>
    circumference length (four-wire) for each zone is 1 km.</p>
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