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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    <p>Combination of cold storage door classification: Now, the combination of cold storage door production methods are generally two: one is the polyurethane foam into the pre-prepared frame, one is the use of <a href="">composite decking risers</a> insulation board. Production of cold storage door, the general use of polyurethane insulation board, because it is not only a great strength, there is a good insulation effect. Combination of cold door door design is very important, but the design of sliding bearings is also crucial, should be given high priority.</p><p> At present in the use of the combination of cold storage door system, the best one than the use of <a href="">WPC decking with CE Certificate</a> the door's own weight, when the door moves to the closed position automatically stuck. This design is in the combination of two corners of the cold door door mounted on the nylon bearings in the 90 ° angle with the slide in the slide, and a special adjustable brake.</p><p> There is a groove in the track, when the door in place, the nylon wheel into the groove to stop the movement, and with the ground and <a href="">Wholesale Outdoor Deck Material</a> the door frame to form a good seal. Combination of cold storage revolving door installation: the maintenance of the cold door to ensure that the freezer door without opening and closing, soft curtains regularly check the sealing and electric wire function, at any time to deal with ice, frost, water, Book design to prevent the transport collision library door. In the combination of cold storage door outside the set of high efficiency air curtain, and to ensure the installation <a href="">better to put down wood deck over concrete or blue stone</a> of accurate, normal operation, anti-static floor.</p>
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