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    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    <p>Enhance the sound insulation of the wall Said in front of the window and the door is the weakest part of the activity. The next job is to enhance the noise characteristics of various walls. General<a href="">veranda vs choice deck</a> residential load-bearing walls with steel plate concrete or solid brick structure, have better sound insulation effect. The problem is more in the partition with the use of light hollow brick or gray cardboard. Most home theater rooms have one to two walls that are such a structure. There is no doubt that, in addition to windows and doors, this is the most serious place for sound leaks.</p><p> If you do not take measures, the hollow vibration of the hollow brick will cause the wall to resonate, this situation is very unfavorable to the sound quality. There are two ways to <a href="">wall panel wood grain plastic</a> solve the specific. One is to tear down the original wall, re-create a sound insulation wall; the second is to retain the original wall, add a sound insulation wall. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. </p><p>The first method is to remove the original wall panels, on both sides of the installation of gray plastic cardboard, and in the meantime filled with glass fiber. This program will <a href="">wpc decking importers for Singapore</a> have a good effect. The second method is to retain the original partition, the new addition of a few columns, constitute a plug in the glass with glass fiber insulation wall. This program adds a wall, noise characteristics than the previous one is better. However, its shortcomings are to make the width of the room to be reduced by a few centimeters. In the apartment room like room space is limited, perhaps to re-create the sound <a href="">Wholesale Outdoor Deck Material</a> insulation wall method to be more appropriate.</p>
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