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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    <p>Now the house, some windows are on the street, the evening road car to the car, the car can come and go, but large vehicles on people's night sleep quality great impact, want a good indoor environment, the window sound insulation effect appears Particularly important, to create a good soundproof window, not only is the choice of glass, window frames and sound insulation <a href="">who makes mantis deck clips</a> is also very important. Window frame material selection building materials market on the window frame style is mainly aluminum and plastic steel material, aluminum alloy as popular for many years of home improvement metal materials, sound insulation, thermal conductivity and other properties relative to the emerging plastic steel material there is a certain weakness</p><p>Steel profiles due to <a href="">trailer decking material</a> their own multi-cavity, thick material, sound insulation and the effect of insulation are relatively good. The choice of glass glass is the most important part of the window noise, choose a good glass, but also to maximize the help of households to reduce the noise of outdoor noise, in general, ordinary single glass can not achieve better sound insulation, and vacuum glass Sound insulation is better, between the double glass</p><p> take the middle of the air, but also block the way the middle of the air transmission, and play a very good noise reduction effect of the bedroom decoration <a href="">tongue and groove fence boards for sale</a> in the above points, although the window can block the outside Noise, for the indoor voice can also use the selection to avoid, to create a quiet bedroom, all to "soft" priority, soft texture of the choice to better help sound absorption, easy to control the indoor volume. The cork flooring is mainly made of crushed crusts of cork and oak trees. The cork-like cell structure is like a honeycomb-shaped polyhedron with many airtight airbags that give her excellent sound and shock, while the foot Feeling very comfortable, able to avoid people back and forth to bring the family noise. Non-woven wallpaper in the new home bedroom wall wallpaper, if the choice of non-woven wallpaper material that is soft and soft, the surface lines are more, so that the sound in the process of continuous weakening, so as to achieve the effect of silence, in the purchase Non-woven wallpaper, try to choose the surface of the <a href="">consumer report on maintenance free composite decking</a> deep convex products, so that the city can be to maximize the mute.</p>
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