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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2017
    <p>The meaning of bamboo furniture is used in conjunction with the interpretation of the room. But in recent years due to new varieties, new patterns continue to appear, so it is in the living room, the use of the bedroom is also more and more. For example, the design of bamboo cages for the animal image, hanging in the hall becomes keen chic. While the Roman column <a href="">ikea veranda material glazing paint</a> pyramid-shaped bamboo and wood lighting, so that the European-style decoration of the room can also find their Fu Ying. Of course, bamboo lighting installed in a wooden floor, wooden wall of the room effect is ideal. With the rise of room decoration heat, lighting is also more and more people's attention.</p><p>Bamboo lighting refers to the bamboo as a light care, to frosted glass for the lamp cover lamp decoration. Most of them in the glass lamp cover also wrapped in a wooden cage or set in a wooden frame. Bamboo and wood lighting simple and chic style, clumsy in <a href="">decks with vertical boards</a> the possession of fine, delicate and patient, in the solemn and simple beauty, people enjoy the texture of the United States and the United States. In the design also increasingly shows the artistic concept of the delicate and wonderful. A variety of geometric patterns wooden frame overlapping superposition, revealing the logs of the pattern, filled with natural woody. Coupled with hazy hair glass, the light becomes soft and warm.</p><p> Bamboo lamp lighting lamp bulb can not be too large, so as not to make the wood heat deformation. But the frosted glass and wooden cage of the shelter, affecting the brightness of bamboo lighting, so its decorative role is stronger than the lighting effect. Use it to create a warm atmosphere is very unique effect. From the <a href="">furniture plate design in sri lanka home</a> market point of view, chandelier style up, and more to bamboo, birch made. Their generous shape solemn, and wooden floor, wall dress matching, complement each other.</p><p> The idea of ​​the telescopic lamp is more rugged, it is not a shade, but simply put the bamboo, long vine wrapped around a few laps. The middle of a spherical frosted energy-saving lamps, any light from the upper diarrhea. Gently pull the hand, the height of the lamp can be free to stretch, hanging on the table with a unique style. New appearance of the floor lamp dignified and elegant, placed in the corridor, courtyard, with <a href="">low maintenance composite decking closeout sales</a> the court style, on the balcony, while lighting, but also a taste of the decorations. </p>
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