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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2017
    <P>In order to prevent the floor wax contamination of the baseboard and furniture, tape can be used to cover the above parts. Shake and stir evenly on the floor wax, can be carried out in the first part of the trial, to confirm no abnormal after the whole wax. And then use a clean rag or special waxing mop full dipped in the floor wax, in accordance with the direction of the floor grain carefully smear,<a href=''>how to build a deck round 24feet pool</a> keep the thickness of the key is uniform waxing, not the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce stains And circle marks.</P>
    <P>In order to get the effect of shiny, every time you want to use a soft cloth gently wipe light, pay special attention to the floor joints. After each beat, to be dry,<a href=''>attach deck post to concrete wall</a> with very fine sandpaper polished surface, wipe clean, call the second time. Wood floor waxing cycle depends on the size of the flow of people, such as large flow of people, according to the wax surface wear to determine the time to waxing.</P>
    <P>Summer rainy season, air humidity, to be closed and doors and windows, the use of air conditioning thermostat function or dehumidifier,<a href=''>horizontal composite slat fence cost</a> reduce indoor humidity, to prevent the wood floor humidity is too large, resulting in drum deformation. Any product, if you want to perfectly reflect its value, the inherent quality is only one aspect, the other is the use and maintenance. If used or properly maintained, the floor can be used for decades or bright as new.</P>
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