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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2017
    <p>If you are very concerned about the room space, choose the market for sale of sound insulation board (lead plate) is also a way. But this method than the MHz first program, to achieve the same sound insulation cost more than doubled. Third, to create a "room room". The following is a true security measures. To make true noise, naturally the noise on the eleventh of <a href="">building with composite wood floor</a> the room to implement measures. </p><p>If only the adjacent room walls (walls) to increase the sound Insulation performance, then the ground and ceiling on the sound of the impact will be highlighted. In order to prevent the emergence of this situation, completely cut <a href="">premade slatted wood walls</a> the sound of the room is definitely the six sides have taken appropriate measures.</p><p> In order to completely isolate The inner body and outer walls, no vibration of any sound is transmitted, and the structure of the "chamber" is necessary to use the isolation device, and the construction is more complicated. This level of sound insulation wall, simply do not allow such as Power, audio equipment, telephone, air conditioning and other sockets have installed gap. Therefore, the actual plan, should consult the corresponding qualitative of the large decoration company. Obviously this is not the general wor Should the appropriate measures to spend the least money with their economic capacity, the appreciation of the money Of the level of <a href="">cost of maintaining a small wood deck over 15 year</a> sound insulation is the most important.</p>
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