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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2017
    <p>best to choose &quot;true color&quot;, while the rubber wood is not pure wood, and even spots, black spots. If you encounter the kind of darker (such as crimson, dark, etc.) and labeled &quot;oak furniture&quot;, consumers should pay special attention. At present, there are some domestic furniture manufacturers, from Hunan, Jiangxi and other places to buy a very cheap price of aril posing oak, such a complex wood and not </p>
    <p>tough, the course will crack. 4. Wood is dry due to white oak texture hard sink, water off more difficult. Some manufacturers are eager to profit, not off the water that is made of furniture, after a year or so began to deformation, need special attention. 5. Whether the wood is straight oak dehydration easily &quot;aliasing&quot;, bending is not suitable for re-use of furniture materials, but many manufacturers still use </p>
    <p>this deformation made of furniture. &amp; Nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: How to identify white oak furniture introduced here, hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration Raiders.Oak is characterized by heavy hard, texture straight, rough structure, elegant color and elegant texture, mechanical strength is very high, wear-resistant. North American white </p>
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