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    <P>In order to increase the amount of heat, the cushion material and the thickness of the floor should not be too thick. Recommended consumers in the careful selection at the same time,[url=]how to install wpc flooring[/url] try to use a small size, so that thermal deformation evenly.</P>
    <P>Thickness does not exceed 15 mm. It is understood that the principle of warm ground through the low temperature radiation heat transfer, the wood itself is a bad conductor. So, this requires geothermal flooring not too thick. When the thickness of more than 15 mm, the radiation heat is difficult to reach the surface of the floor,[url=]plastic wooden internal doors[/url] heat utilization is low, the heating effect will be unsatisfactory.</P>
    <P>As a geothermal floor, it is best not to choose too wide or too long floor, the larger the size of the floor, the greater the gap in the geothermal environment. Especially the wide surface of the three layers of solid wood flooring, if the surface layer of the water content should be controlled below 8%,[url=]composite deck railing kits cost[/url] otherwise there will be floor surface cracking. In the geothermal conditions will also produce cracking. Therefore, as a geothermal three-layer solid wood flooring in the production, to strictly control the moisture content of the surface layer.</P>
    <P>Under geothermal conditions, when the moisture content of the floor changes, the expansion of the slab is different, the floor of the board will appear obvious ribs corrugated. If the three-tier solid wood composite floor layer thickness of 3mm or more, it is not easy to this phenomenon. Therefore, the surface layer thickness of 3mm and below the three-layer parquet is not suitable for geothermal floor,[url=]install a threshold on laminate[/url] and 7 to 11 layers of solid wood flooring more suitable for geothermal heating.</P>
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