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    <p>The best way to deal with noise is to seal the window, whether you are a single window or double window, the seal is the most important. The load on the barrel is determined by the shortest piece of wood, and the sound insulation is determined by the weakest part. From the current level of technology, with plastic windows as a means of sealing is the most effective <a href="">prefab wood plastic stair treads</a> renovation program. For users who have already used aluminum alloy, it should be made sure that the seal of the aluminum alloy frame is intact.</p><p> In contrast, the sealing of aluminum windows is worse than that of steel windows. the windows sealed to solve the next step is to make it more sealed, after all, not to say that the sound insulation on the line, have to see the sealing performance. The use of insulating glass in steel windows is a very effective way. Because the most noise is often the treble part, and the treble is a straight line, with the glass can <a href="">2 X 6 X 20 Composite Lumber Rochester</a> make most of its reflection, the insulating glass can make it part of the reflection does not run out. </p><p>But should pay attention to the profiteers to deal with the double glass when the hollow glass sold to you. 3, through the use of thick curtains to consume part of the energy of the sound, but also a relatively simple way, of course, is not a very effective way. 4, for the vibration of these bass, we can use carpets, fabrics and even suction (separated) sound cotton to weaken their impact on the room. In the foot of the foot to install the pad can also reduce a certain <a href="">plant pots made of decking board</a> sense of vibration. At the same time the use of mattress mattress than the use of spring Simmons good, of course, hard board no need to say. </p><p>now there are some houses using light brick (hollow brick) to do the external walls, these materials are poorly sealed, if you are on the road side of your great influence, you can also make a wooden side of the road by the wooden side ( Light steel) plus plasterboard gypsum board to absorb (separated) sound cotton sandwich, and then use wallpaper or the like decorative surface (of course, can also use ordinary wall paint to deal with the surface). 6, of course, no matter how do noise, do not forget the appropriate ventilation, too closed environment as sleep is not healthy. In the noise-oriented side of the noise, for the back of the side should also properly maintain the ventilation conditions, of course, is not appropriate to ask you to open the window, because the noise <a href="">french doors exterior manufacturer</a> of things have a certain echo, it may affect your back The building is back to your building.</p>
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