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    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2017
    <p>ALC board is made of fly ash (or silica sand), cement, lime and other raw materials, after high-pressure steam curing from the multi-porous concrete forming sheet (containing reinforced steel reinforced). ALC board can <a href="">wood for marine jetty</a> do wall materials, but also do roof panels, is a superior performance of new building materials. But also has a better thermal insulation properties.When using a reasonable thickness, not only can be used for high insulation requirements of cold areas can also be used for high thermal insulation requirements of hot summer and cold winter or hot summer and warm areas to meet energy efficiency standards The sound insulation: the material is a large number of uniform, non-interconnected tiny pores of the porous material, with good sound insulation performance, 100 thick ALC board average sound volume of 40.8dB, 150 thick ALC board </p><p>The average volume of 45.8 dB; fire resistance: ALC plate is a non-flammable inorganic material, has a <a href="">6ft vinyl fencing price per lineal ft</a> good fire resistance, as the wall board fire-resistant limit of 100 thick plate 3.23 hours; 150 thick plate> 4 hours; 50 plate protection steel Resistant to the fire limit> 3 hours; 50 plate protection steel column fire resistance> 4 hours; are more than a fire resistance; durability: ALC is an inorganic silicate material, not aging, durability, and its useful life Can be and all kinds of buildings to match the service life; Frost resistance: good frost resistance Impermeability: good permeability, better than the standard brick impermeability 5 times</p><p> Environmental <a href="">synthetic materials outdoor deck verandah</a> performance: the material is radioactive, no harmful gases Escape, is a kind of green Production and operation: ALC plate production of industrialization, standardization, installation of industrial, can be sawing, cutting, planing, drilling, construction dry operations, fast; matching: ALC board has a perfect application supporting system, with a special connection , The use of this material without plastering, reduce the cost of 20-25 yuan / square meter; can directly put putty spray paint; surface quality is good, no cracking: the use of the use of the Material because of <a href="">outdoor wood like tiles</a> the use of dry construction, so there is no hollow plate crack phenomenon.</p><p>
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