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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2017
    <p>In the room decoration process, the wood products of the paint is an important part of the construction, paint the application of the overall effect of the room has an important impact. Here are a few <a href="">lumber for underwater application</a> commonly used paint and its application method: nitro paint, including nitro varnish, nitro matte varnish, nitrocellulose paint (blending paint) and so on. Alkyd varnish, including alkyd varnish, alkyd paint (blend paint) and so on. Nitrocellulose paint is currently widely used in the paint, painted surface texture is better.</p><p> Nitrocellulose and alkyd paints can not be mixed. In the decoration, varnish and blending paint coating method is basically the same first in the application of the surface putty putty base, putty dry sandpaper after grinding leveling, brush the first paint (primer). The second time <a href="">wood frame house construction</a> sandpaper polished, brush twice paint, and then sandpaper polished.</p><p> And so on, varnish applied at least 7-8 times; blending paint applied at least 4-5 times. "Varnish grinding back" is the highest requirements of the application of varnish, the price is relatively high, at least to apply more than 20 times, brush to the fifth six times after the sandpaper grinding for cotton grinding. In addition, varnish and blending paint in the overall renovation process there are some differences. The application of the varnish is done in two parts: the woodwork is closed and the primer is hit twice to prevent the dust from entering the other project from invading the grain and the rest is applied when all <a href="">padauk composite plastic timbers</a> the items are completed. Because of its strong coverage, the application is carried out when all the items are completed.</p>
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