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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2016

    In terms of thermal insulation properties, an organic material is superior to inorganic materials. As we all know, the thermal conductivity is an important indicator to measure the insulation performance of insulation materials, the lower the thermal conductivity, the better the insulation properties. Now commonly used organic insulation material on the market, such as extruded wood plastic composite fire retardant polystyrene board thermal conductivity between 0.028 to 0.03, good insulation effect. Thermal conductivity inorganic insulation material is relatively high, generally about 0.065, or even higher, the insulation effect is not very satisfactory. Water absorption and permeability is also an important indicator of the stability of the insulation material insulation properties. Organic materials, especially low water absorption of extruded polystyrene board, has good water resistance.

    Inorganic insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool products, with great water absorption and water vapor permeability, and thus the insulation effect is not stable enough, especially when used in low-temperature insulation, such insulation material once contained water, thermal conductivity sharply rise, heat insulation effect will be significantly reduced. From the viewpoint of fire resistance, the advantages of inorganic materials is very obvious. The organic material in terms of fire resistance is fatal. Life from the point of view of building insulation materials, inorganic thermal insulation materials have a great advantage.

    In normal use, the inorganic insulation materials external wall insulation types of composite moldings systems engineering life of its primary wall with life. However, the life of an organic insulating material is relatively short, polyphenylene board, for example, the service life of 15 to 20 years, for a design life of 50 to 70 years for ordinary buildings, the use of polystyrene board for outward wall insulation, will mean the same building lifetime need for several external wall insulation, it would be a huge project, the cost spent is immeasurable.

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