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    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2017
    <p>States to limit the export of timber, China is currently only a very small number of more powerful furniture, floor manufacturing enterprises in order to have large output of US oak raw materials. 3. Material distinction oak grade high, solid texture, finished product structure is firm, long life, suitable for the production of European furniture, Chinese classical furniture, was thick real sense, and mahogany furniture </p>
    <p>dignified calm. Rubber wood is a tropical tree species, hardness, material, texture, performance is relatively worse than the oak. Rubber wood furniture due to sugar and more, easy to change the wood, if not through the professional drying and other processing is easy to be corrosion and insects. Conclusion: rubber wood furniture and the difference between the oak furniture introduced here, I hope to help </p>
    <p>you have. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration Raiders.Teak, also known as oil wood, purple teak, rouge tree, known as the king of wood, is the world famous tree species. Teak furniture with a small shrinkage, not easy to deformation, cracking, texture and meticulous, excellent texture and so on. The following and together to see the characteristics of </p>
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