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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2017
    <p>Good quality of the three-track in the push-pull process, the ball rolling uniform, no sense of astringent and noise. Third, pay attention to select the matching pulley. Pulleys are sliding doors, windows can not be ignored [url=]composite outdoor flooring for sale[/url] accessories, high-quality pulleys can greatly promote the use of doors and windows. The quality of the pulley's outer wheels and bearings determines the quality of the pulley.</p><p> The outer wheel is mostly nylon fiber or all copper [url=]manufacturing of aluminumum composite pannels[/url] texture, copper pulley is more solid, but pull when there is sound; nylon fiber texture pulley pull no sound, but not as good as copper pulley wear. Bearing material is also very different, good quality pulley bearings imported stainless steel, bearing installation close, sliding feel soft, no noise, more high-end pulley can also adjust the height, make up the distance between the door and the track, so that the door and The rail connection is closer. Doors, windows at the bottom of the small pulley work quality is also very different, craftsmanship small pulley pull up [url=]anti slip pvc railing systems[/url] light and fast, some brands of pulleys also equipped with anti-jump device, the use of more secure.</p>
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