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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    <p>themselves do not know. According to the use of teak furniture materials, we are divided into five categories. We early to the original forest teak called A material, planting forest teak called B material, stitching teak called C material, other wood called D material, non-solid wood material called E material. 1. Class A teak furniture Class A first-class teak furniture, both inside and outside the full 50 years </p>
    <p>or more of the original forest teak, guaranteed unmanned wood, belonging to A + A class teak, the price is high. If we assume that a piece of furniture to use two cubic wood, then assume that both inside and outside with a cubic wood, then this piece of wood furniture used in the cost of 30,000 +30000. The final cost of wood is 60,000. (Excluding loss) Class A second class teak furniture, both inside and </p>
    <p>outside the full use of more than 50 years of original forest teak, visible no sapwood, belonging to A + a class teak. The cost of such teak is 30,000 +2 million 5. The final cost of wood is about 55,000. A type of teak furniture because all the best use of the material, no color, so all without dyeing, only with a transparent pu paint spray. Golden color, beautiful colors. A look on the oil full. 2.B class teak </p>
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