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    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2017
    <p>wood. Belong to B + C class teak. The cost of wood is 8 thousand +3 thousand. The final cost of wood is $ 11,000. Such teak furniture also uses dyeing, bleaching practices, the appearance and the second class furniture is more difficult to distinguish. Mainly looking at the inside of the timber. 4.D class teak furniture class D teak furniture, generally for the modern models, the outside of the use of small </p>
    <p>teak glued timber, which uses more wood aggregates. This cost is even lower. Such as the market to sell Jufeng craft teak and so on. Such teak is of value only and no other value. 5.E class teak furniture E class teak furniture, using teak or black heart Manglin do the framework, using MDF and other non-timber, decorative veneer veneer production process. &amp; Nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: teak furniture to </p>
    <p>identify the way introduced here, hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration Raiders.Teak furniture brand? Teak furniture brand has left bank wood furniture, Emperor Hao wood furniture, royal Yida wood furniture, Setvine wood furniture, grapefruit teak furniture, Mexican teak furniture. in the following recommended under the teak furniture ten </p>
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