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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2017
    <p>brands. The left bank art is a well - known brand of Shanghai Haixi Furniture Factory, founded in the 1970s, has a long history and deep cultural end rhyme. The left bank art teak furniture adhering to the European Renaissance classic European art furniture, cultural traditions, highlight Baroque, postmodernism, Rococo, and the integration of Chinese neoclassical style of the essence of modern furniture, </p>
    <p>added a romantic , Classic, natural feelings. Is a professional engaged in high - grade teak furniture design, development, manufacturing, installation and after - sales service in one of the brand enterprises, more than 20 years, Dili Hao has a full set of companies. Furniture production of various types of imports, domestic advanced equipment and superb hand carving process. 3. Royal Decoration teak </p>
    <p>furniture Royal Plaza is a Shanghai full of furniture, a teak furniture brand, Shanghai full of furniture factory from the course of many years, after several years of ups and downs of innovation, has grown into a strong financial backing and capital operation The ability of the furniture business. 4. Setvetya teak furniture Setvine is a European classical furniture brand that started in 1842 in London, specializing in </p>
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