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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2016

    Analysis of the advantages of inorganic polymer insulation mortar fire New green inorganic polymer insulation mortar fire is inside a cavity structure, the glassy surface of the closure, preferably into a ball rate, cylinder compressive strength of glass beads is better insulation materials, cement and other inorganic cementitious materials as the main glue hardening materials, and the incorporation smooth decking boards distributors of high-performance polymers and water-repellent agents, water retention agents and other functional additives made of a class of single-component dry mortar building insulation.

    Fireproof insulation polymer mortar characteristics: high strength, good performance bond, without hollowing, cracking phenomenon; Fire retardant is good, and easy to fall off, the security is good; Simple construction site mixing water can be construction, construction can be shaped directly on dry wall construction process is simple; energy-saving thermal insulation best deck flooring for gallery and fireproof polymer compared: Currently, energy-saving building envelope structure mainly EPS board and thin plastering exterior insulation system, XPS thin plaster exterior insulation system, powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation system.

    Powder particles of polystyrene insulation slurry particles based on polystyrene as a lightweight aggregate, cement and other cementitious materials as a disadvantage of such systems is the product of poor insulation effect, shrinkage, high water absorption, compressive and bond performance is also poor. Using EPS Plastered exterior insulation system, thermal insulation XPS board and thin stucco wall insulation system, although better, but because the system used in insulation Durable Outdoor Tongue And Groove Decking Wholesalematerials are organic materials, poor fire performance, in the event fire, organic insulation materials easily melt and burn, exterior facing material will fall off, causing the accident.

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