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    <p>in the higher level, comparable with the mahogany, but the cedar to a wide range of origin, mainly grown in Sichuan, Guangxi and other places. So cedar and relative to the mahogany to inexpensive. Kashiwagi made of furniture has a long history, because of its wood hard, delicate, beautiful texture, fresh aroma, moisture moth. As early as a thousand years ago has become the royal family and royal </p>
    <p>palace construction of the palace, the production of furniture on the election material. Some of the ancient buildings of the beam and column anti-corrosion force parts also use cedar play. As the name suggests, is the use of cedar wood processing from the furniture. 2, the role of cedar furniture 1, Kashiwagi furniture, corrosion-resistant, beautiful texture, good texture straight, fine structure, corrosion-</p>
    <p>resistant, for construction, travel and equipment and other timber, furniture, simple and elegant furniture, bright color, wood Clear, the surface has a rich natural wood festival, full of art, giving a beautiful enjoyment. 2, cedar furniture environmental protection, is conducive to human health Cedar furniture issued by the fragrant gas with detoxification, dampness insecticide role. According to the test, the main </p>
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