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    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2017
    <p>environment (such as the ground, ) Should use different grades of corrosion-resistant wood to ensure that the design life is achieved. How to brush paint? 1, to be 8 �� above the temperature of the processing. 2, wood must be dry, the maximum moisture content of not more than 15%. 3, painted wood wax before the wood surface to be fine sand cloth polished, and wipe to the surface smooth. Wood surface if the fiber can be used wood sandpaper P240 or </p>
    <p>above gently sanding. 4, before the use of full mixing evenly, without dilution; if the product viscosity is high, but also against a small amount of special thinner, adding the amount should not exceed 10%. 5, brush to use soft brown hair brush, along the direction of wood texture evenly, thin brush again, brush after the removal of excess wood wax, brushing the amount must be less, not too thick; to be hard after the surface, Paint gently polished, wipe, 12 hours can be </p>
    <p>painted the second time. 6, before rubbing, the first clean cloth evenly, will be too much part of the wax oil; rubbing when the force should be uniform, can not be too heavy or too light, the first along the surface of the coating alternately Wipe a few times, the final ending when the direction of smooth rubbing wood, so that the full access to wood grain wood, standing dry; to be dry surface, the surface was gently polished paint, wipe, the same steps once. </p>
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