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    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2016
    Reinforced laminate flooring installation is simple and rapid characteristics, but for businesses and consumers, this seemingly simple process if you do not attach importance to, will directly affect the life of the floor. As a pre-qualified products only monolithic floor, professionals need to go through the careful installation in order to become durable complete flooring system. Now on laminate flooring installation process should pay attention to the aspects summarized below.
    Installation Preparation
    �� professional installation tools. Although laminate flooring easy to install, but the installation tool is very demanding, specialized manufacturers and merchants have with their own brand of flooring installation tools. Such as soft belt clip, knock plate, back hook, jig saw, etc. to ensure the quality of the installation.
    �� professional installation. Installation of the floor needs to strengthen the complex can be carried out by a factory-trained and authorized personnel. Special attention should be. Some businesses do not have the manufacturer's technical support, and distribution channels twists and turns, no professional installation tools, installation teams irregular, so the supplier plate is best not to buy.
    �� special glue. Glue quality directly determines the quality and durability of the use of floor coverings. Professional manufacturers have with their own brand of glue, so that tongue and groove between the floor with a solid, compact, long-term, and has water resistance, so that the floor will not be due to seasonal changes in temperature as well as cracking inundation deformation.
    �� professional auxiliary materials. Taking into account the use of the base film home decoration materials for the cement floor, so not only should use PVC film having a moisture resistant, and resistant to alkaline cement to ensure that the floor can make
    In order to Longer life. Base film thickness 0. 2mm, the pavement base film should overlap 200mm.

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