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    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2017
    <p>of dust should be how to clean it? Furniture fans suggest that you best use fine texture and soft brush, the first gently wipe the dust, and then dry cloth with cotton and linen cloth slowly wipe. If you accidentally stained, you can dip a small amount of water-soluble or oily detergent wipe. 3, often wax on the wax when you want to completely remove the dust after the implementation, otherwise it will form waxy spot, or cause wear, resulting in scratches. The choice </p>
    <p>of wax is also very important, the general spray wax, water wax, bright wax can, but do not use car wax. Wax, to master from shallow to deep, by the point and the surface of the principle, step by step, even waxing. In general, every two weeks can be a wax, but if it was really scratched, collision or abrasion, you have to ask the experts in time to repair. 4, handling this although simple, but if not dealt with its damage but is the most important. So in the handling of </p>
    <p>ebony furniture, first of all must be carried from the ground, light lift, absolutely can not drag on the ground to avoid unnecessary damage to it, such as paint stripping, scratches, wear and so on. It is best to use cloth or newspaper like the legs and legs and important parts of the corners wrapped and then transported to prevent the occurrence of injury. The contents of the above is a small family introduced the ebony furniture purchase and maintenance methods, we </p>
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