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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2016

    Foam cement siding equipment development of new wall materials Lee spent for building energy-saving environmental protection, the most critical aspect is the use and promotion of new energy-saving wall materials equipment. At present, China has initially established with the goal of saving 50% of building energy efficiency design standards, the implementation advantages to have viewing platform of the 65% higher energy efficiency standards in some areas. Its new energy-saving building materials is the main construction material different from the traditional building materials of new varieties of brick, gray gravel, Shenzhen Green Technology new wall materials, cement partition board production line, with its specialty products foamed cement wall panels energy low, the use of energy saving effect can be achieved, but also has the benefits of waste, insulation, thermal insulation, fire safety, light weight, convenient construction, low cost and so, much of the new building wall materials industry market of all ages.

    With the widespread promotion of energy-saving buildings, building materials Interior Wood Cladding Panels Iran industry society raised new demands, the market for building materials, energy conservation, energy, environmental indicators are increasingly high requirements.

    At the same time, new energy-saving building materials and products currently in the market is gradually increasing, for example, green paint, energy-saving bathroom products, green stone, cement foam wall panels and other environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmental protection products in affordable outdoor flooring price the building materials industry in the broad market outlook is optimistic. New energy-saving building materials, cement foam wall panels Shenzhen Green Technology foamed cement siding production equipment conforms to the development of energy-saving, environmental protection situation, as the hot new wall building energy-saving materials.

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