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    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2017
    <p>veneer, decorative veneer, plywood, high-grade furniture, flooring, shipbuilding, carving. Second, the maintenance of Wujin wood furniture Wujin wood furniture maintenance is mainly the air humidity changes, a little better in the design of furniture when there is a stretch of the gap, such as the most obvious desktop, there should be a circle of cracks, generally in the spring, winter When the air inside the room is dry, the gap will become larger, otherwise the </p>
    <p>humidity is small when the gap is small, if there is no such design, coupled with the wood moisture treatment is not good, then there will be deformation, cracking phenomenon. 1, to keep the air humidity. Do not overcool or overheat, or Wujin wood furniture will be prone to a circle [1] gap, affecting the use of results. 2, regularly clean up the dust on the Wujin wood furniture, keep clean, so as not to allow dust into the furniture, which affect the furniture 3, to avoid </p>
    <p>the use of wet cloth to avoid sharp items scratches, if you encounter such a situation please contact manufacturers promptly, So as not to cause a long time can not repair the traces of repair. life. 4, conditional, then regular furniture repair shop for the basic maintenance of furniture. The above content is home to introduce the classification of Wujin wood and Wujin wood furniture maintenance knowledge, hope to be useful to everyone. More decoration materials </p>
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