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    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2016

    Classification ceiling plaster board ceiling materials, mineral wool acoustic panels, metal products, wood, glass and other types.

    Commonly used are plaster board, mineral wool acoustic panels, metal products, PVC plastic characteristics of a ceiling.

    Gypsum board gypsum board from the performance can be divided into ordinary type, fire type, water type three,

    the average family decoration ceiling works, mainly using ordinary plaster board, it has a light weight, sound insulation,

    heat insulation, processing performance, simple construction methods, inexpensive,

    good coloring characteristics as the main material caisson-style ceiling. two.

    Mineral Wool Board Mineral Wool Board easy to install, easy maintenance, good decorative effect,

    it can effectively reduce indoor noise and improve sound quality, excellent fire performance,

    insulation for people to create a refreshing working and living environment. three.

    PVC plastic PVC plastic Kouban Kouban to PVC as raw material, processed into tongue and groove type profile,

    light weight, easy installation, the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-moth,

    which is the surface of the color patterns change very much, and resistance pollution, good cleaning,

    soundproof, good insulation properties, especially new technology added flame retardant material, so that it can fire from Jimie,

    use more secure. Low cost, good decorative effect, therefore occupies an important position in the family ceiling materials,

    becoming toilet, kitchen, balcony ceiling dominant material.

    Ecological wood interior wall panels focus on the performance and design details of texture and color texture of the material of the product,

    creating a wood texture vitality and spiritual affinity ambience. Ecological wood interior portfolio waterproof, mildew,

    anti-distortion, anti-acid, recyclable product characteristics, in the practical application also reflects its overall value,

    and industrial products and efficient construction more than solid wood

    Product: Eco-wood, green wood, renewable wood, synthetic wood, ecological wood interior wall panels, green wood,

    wood, WPC, ecological wood interior wall panels, WPC interior wall panels, the Great Wall plate ecological

    wood ecological wood plane decoration board, ecological wood small round decorative panels,

    eco-wood fine lines triangle

    Ecological wood color: Asian grapefruit, Thai pomelo,

    Golden Tan, red sandalwood, silver walnuts, black walnuts, walnut, dark mahogany,

    light mahogany, cedar (milky), cherry (pink)

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    ecological wood plastic composite arbor kit

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