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    1. target management. The implementation of each project has a clear overall system goal from customer engagement to contract negotiation to specific implementation. In the implementation of the project, the overall system objectives are decomposed into several stages of the target, each stage of the target re-decomposed into a number of small targets, and ultimately decomposed into a certain time to see and reach the target to be achieved The<a href="">�����ҧ� �ߧ֧�اѧӧ֧��֧� ���ѧݧ� �ߧڧ٧ܧ�� ��֧ߧ� �ԧ����ѧ� ��ӧѧݧ�ߧѧ�</a> At the same time each step of the target decomposition and determination have been and customer side of the coordination and confirmation to ensure that the overall goal of achieving customer recognition. Changes to each step goal and the assignment of tasks with customers are also discussed with the client's many meetings.<a href="">Astm A588 Corten Steel Plate Price</a> 2. Time control. The time control of the project is inseparable from the goal management, and the progress control of each step is determined based on a specific decomposition goal. The timing of the target planning is realistic and requires a strict implementation on time to complete, so that the degree of control to the back is much higher.<a href="">Placa De Chapa De Acero Inoxidable 2B De 0,2 Mm De Grosor</a> The time plan for the project also requires decomposition of each person in a certain period of time to complete a certain goal. At the same time for the progress of the control requirements at any time to check the time plan is completed on time and the difference between the plan, at any time to take measures to adjust the corresponding plan to ensure the overall plan controllability.<a href="">stianless steel sheet & plate for sale</a>
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