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    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2017
    <p>This coating is non-toxic, tasteless, the coating of water resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance are good, all kinds of gas, steam and so very low permeability. This coating can be built on <a href="">recommended slope for a deck</a> a slightly damp base. Scrubbing interior wall paint This coating is the main component of acrylic emulsion, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable, film acid resistance, color retention, water resistance, scrub resistance Good sex. </p><p>This coating is suitable for interior decoration and furniture coloring, brush, spray construction can be, if the paint is too thick can be diluted with water, can not be mixed with <a href="">discount composite decking material for sale</a> organic solvents and solvent-based paint. </p><p>The minimum film forming temperature is 5 ° C. Polyvinyl acetate latex paint interior wall paint polyvinyl acetate latex paint interior paint with non-toxic, tasteless, easy to construction features. Film drying fast, good ventilation, strong adhesion, bright colors, decorative effect is good. This coating can be used for new and old lime, cement base, brush, roll construction can be. Applicable to requirements. How high the interior wall decoration. 107 anti-scouring interior wall coating This coating is 107 <a href="">artificial grass distributors in singapore</a> glue (its main component is polyvinyl formal) as the base material. 107 anti-scouring interior wall paint with fast drying, smooth and beautiful coating, waterproof, anti-fouling and other prominent features.</p>
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