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    • CommentTime8 09 2017
    <p>looks very elegant. This ebony furniture solid wood bed size is 1.8M: 2140 * 1910 * 950mm, using the most comfortable size, ebony in the production of solid wood bed is the advantage of ebony hard texture, the production process is very fine, can bring us beautiful But also bring us the quality of protection, and the price is very affordable, the general price of 2345 yuan or so. Ebony furniture prices - ebony furniture sofa sofa is used to lie down, leisure good </p>
    <p>furniture, the sofa is a foreign word, the beginning of the sofa into the Chinese market when there is no solid wood sofa status, as the Chinese people, solid wood furniture forever Are one of the more popular furniture, so the sofa will not be less solid wood material. What kind of solid wood making sofa is better? Is our ebony, this ebony furniture price picture sofa size is: length 242cm * wide 59cm * sitting 39cm * back 112cm, all in accordance with the design of </p>
    <p>the length and width of ebony , This ebony furniture sofa is the disadvantage of the price is more expensive, the price is the most expensive pieces of this ebony furniture in 65,000 yuan or so. The ebony furniture small square stool is a thousand years of ebony, from Sichuan. Coffee table has become our daily life is one of the indispensable furniture, coffee table style variety, glass beautiful and generous, simple fashion board, solid wood durable. This ebony furniture </p>
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