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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2017
    <p>materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Ebony, also known as gloomy wood, is formed after thousands of years of carbonation process, highly valuable collection. So what is the ebony? What are the characteristics? How to distinguish? What value? A series of questions, please see the following Xiaobian one by one introduced it. One, ebony what? Ebony, also known as &quot;ebony&quot; (EBONY), produced in Africa. In the &quot;National </p>
    <p>Standard of the People's Republic of China (Redwood)&quot; (referred to as &quot;mahogany national standard&quot;) 5 genera and 8 categories belonging to the persimmon ebony, is the persimmon tree (Diospyros) with black heartwood precious tree species of wood. Persimmon belong to the same species of ebony trees, as well as thick lily ebony, hairy ebony, pontoon ebony. In China, Sichuan also has &quot;ebony&quot; said. But Sichuan's so-called &quot;ebony&quot; is really gloomy wood. A </p>
    <p>heavy wood is a kind of wood that is buried in the soil by stratigraphic changes. The two are in the concept and nature are worlds apart. Second, the characteristics of ebony ebony heartwood and sapwood obvious distinction, heartwood is black or chestnut brown. Growth round is not obvious, tube hole in the eyes of a little (small to very small); rich content (most containing dark gum). Axial thin tissue rich, the main concentric layer from the tube line </p>
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