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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2016

    It is understood, bamboo flooring in the capital markets to improve the treatment, its key reverse phase takes place after "SARS" period,cheap wood plastic gazebo singapore its overall popularity is in July and after August. Analysis bamboo flooring selling factors, mainly due to: First, people's environmental awareness growing, especially the "atypical pneumonia" after the people in the home improvement, the more attention to the use of natural cleaning materials, bamboo flooring precisely to meet consumers' this demand;

    the second is the summer capital of the climate hot flashes, smooth composite decking boards is known as "sauna." Such climate, and southern climate is quite similar, so that consumers in the choice of decoration materials shop produced bamboo flooring because of its southern moisture, moisture, insects and erosion, exterior wall covering ideas as well as fresh, cool features naturally accepted. According to market research, bamboo flooring Qiaoxiao first year from selling bamboo mat, bamboo mat on the capital from the consumer's favor, then "ask some questions," like the bamboo flooring.

    This chain phenomenon, should bring some enlightenment and building materials business thinking. Third, bamboo flooring in line with international trend of environmental protection trend,decking suppliers perth namely rich bamboo resources, timber cycle is short, but also the sustainable development of natural replanted; Fourth moderate bamboo floor price of urban wage earners are more appropriate.

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