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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2017
    <p>separation method, unit-style residence can show the level of Chinese-style home beauty. 4, the Chinese decorative wood carvings of the wide use of carved glass to reflect the classical picture, the silver metal embedded in the traditional furniture and so on. Any claim that the new Chinese style of decoration, can find the modern elements and classical traditions. This is its greatest feature. This geometric pattern is often used to the meaning of long and Wanfu </p>
    <p>Wanshou constantly head of the meaning, also known as &quot;Wanshoujin&quot;, &quot;windmill pattern&quot;, &quot;geometric pattern&quot; &quot;&quot; Starlight pattern &quot;,&quot; honeycomb pattern &quot;,&quot; money pattern &quot;, etc., to circular composition of the&quot; persimmon pattern &quot;is also a geometric pattern of the category. 2, &quot;turtle back pattern&quot; octagonal pattern &quot;turtle back pattern&quot; with the shells of the octagonal pattern composition, the turtle is a longevity of the auspicious creatures, with the shells of the </p>
    <p>octagonal form of grid pattern not only gives the United States to the visual Enjoy, and symbolize &quot;longevity&quot;. Tang Xuanzang and others will be &quot;million&quot; translated into &quot;German&quot; word, emphasizing the Buddha's merit immeasurable. Chinese Empress Wu Zetian once again set it as &quot;million&quot; word, meaning that all the world auspicious merit. Used in the grid pattern is that the glory and wealth of continuous head, meaning forever auspicious happiness. Others such as </p>
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