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    <p>&quot;windmill pattern&quot;, &quot;star light pattern&quot;, &quot;honey pattern&quot;, &quot;money pattern&quot; and so also contain the meaning of auspicious Fu Lu, and some implied future as bright as stars, and some means unity and harmony, The &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: Chinese decoration wood carvings of the characteristics and implication of the family Xiaobian introduced here, I hope to help you. Learn more decoration knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration </p>
    <p>network.There are many kinds of bathroom cabinet material, wood bathroom cabinet is one of them, then what is the advantages and disadvantages of wooden bathroom cabinet? Use need to pay attention to what? Please see below Xiaobian introduction. Wooden furniture, from the nature, natural, environmental protection, has a simple and primitive beauty; ornamental value is high, plasticity is strong. Disadvantages: wooden cabinet, by the water content of the </p>
    <p>larger impact, therefore, the surrounding environment, changes in temperature, wet and dry changes, will lead to wood bathroom cabinet deformation, cracking. Note: 1, when the wood bathroom cabinet attached to the surface of dirt, can not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical dissolved medicine wipe, can only use warm tea water, and can only gently wipe, until the tea dry, then In the wipe part coated with a little wax, light coating several times to form a </p>
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