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    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2017
    <p>and a waste of money. 5, according to the size of the order of the general calculation of the amount of ecological wood will be converted to rice to calculate. When buying the main not to buy a lot less, need more reserved points, so as not to find the decoration material is not enough, make up very troublesome. Conclusion: The above is home to introduce the small series of eco-wood samples of the purchase method, I hope to help you. Learn more about building </p>
    <p>materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Ecological wood grid ceiling series of main and vice keel vertical and horizontal distribution, structured, three-dimensional sense of strong, modeling novel, fire moisture, good ventilation. Xiaobian in this article mainly introduced under the seven characteristics of ecological wood lattice ceiling. 1, eco-wood grid seven small features of smallpox 1, ecological wood green, no formaldehyde and </p>
    <p>other toxic substances release. 2, the price quality of high quality aluminum alloy plate. 3, conducive to ventilation facilities and fire spray layout and arrangement without affecting the overall visual effects. 4, color uniform, and create a warm home and business atmosphere, indoor use, the quality of 10 years without change the color. 5, the connection is firm, each can be repeated several times assembly and disassembly. 6, easy to match a variety of lamps and </p>
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