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    <p>designer endless imagination and creative inspiration to play. Ecological wood color: grapefruit, Thai pomelo, red sandalwood, cherry (pink) 2, comfortable, naturally with wood and raw To the natural affinity and appearance of the wood texture. 3, widely used can be widely used in various types of gardens, leisure and entertainment, commercial display space and high-grade Ya homes indoor and outdoor walls, the top shape and the use of ground floor. 4, long </p>
    <p>service life of up to 15 years. 5, moisture, corrosion, no deformation of ecological wood and ordinary wood products, metal products more waterproof, moisture. Can be directly used for zero on the 70 degrees Celsius - minus 20 degrees Celsius under 25 dry weather conditions, wet environment, and will not deformation, cracking, warping, mold, corrosion. 6, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging has excellent anti-aging, anti-UV (anti-ultraviolet), anti-pollution </p>
    <p>performance. Color fastness in line with national standards, can be assured for indoor and outdoor decoration, and save the latter part of the maintenance costs. 7, easy to clean, insect mites can effectively prevent insects harassment, clean and easy to handle. 8, insulation, heat insulation, fire-resistant ecological wood with the same thermal conductivity as wood, much lower than aluminum and plastic, the summer can be insulated, the winter can keep warm, energy-</p>
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