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    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017
    <p>ceiling, the flatness of its multiple checks, and then pop up the required baseline. 3, if the material size has been correct, fine cut the required ecological wood and light steel keel. 4, the analysis of pre-design modeling core support points, and design hanging line location, so reasonable, evenly share the weight of ecological wood ceiling, increase the ceiling life. The main reinforcement of the ceiling is not less than 30 �� 50 wood keel or 6-10 crossing the zinc </p>
    <p>hanging wire. 5, according to projections, eye-catching line, the installation of full-wire boom. 6, placed keel, and should pay attention to ceiling design links, to avoid trouble for the next link. Generally used is light steel keel, to do anti-rust treatment. And leveling the keel. 7, to ensure that the keel installation density is reasonable, there is no tilt of the case, the installation of the base liner, the basic liner is generally recommended with 5mm multi-layer board or nine </p>
    <p>plywood, fixed firmly. 8, with the preparation of the hardware hanging parts you have prepared the ecological wood ceiling just fine. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: The above is home to introduce a small series of eco-wooden ceiling to buy and install, I hope to help you. Learn more about building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Dressing table, is every woman is very favorite furniture. There are a lot of material in the dresser, </p>
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