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    • CommentTime18 09 2017
    <p>installation considerations it 1, the ecological wood keel ceiling to buy 1, can be used with the ceiling to do the ceiling of the ecological wood keel, like the general public places, hotels, shopping malls and other ground, need to use the ecological wood keel, with the ability to Decorate the feeling of an atmosphere. These keels and specifications are strictly specified, are used to match the keel to produce 1 inch, 2 deposit, 4 inch and other different spacing to highlight </p>
    <p>the easy installation characteristics, convenient woodworking in the field can be installed at any time. 2, the Great Wall ecological board to do the ceiling, the general need to meet the gypsum board, or to different colors of different types of products to match each other, so you can design a more nice shape, but also to meet different customer needs, with the Great Wall Do the ceiling of the keel is generally required wooden side, especially in some vacant areas, </p>
    <p>with wooden side to do the installation of the skeleton, this effect is particularly good to do. 3, the common 40 �� 25,40 �� 45,25 �� 50,25 �� 70 ceiling ceiling specifications are used 1 inch keel, 2 inch keel to match the; 30 �� 80,30 �� 100,50 �� 300,50 �� 60,53 �� 90 ceiling ceiling specifications, are generally selected 50 �� 300 Ceiling dedicated 2,4-inch keel. 3, ecological wood ceiling installation Note 1, ecological wood ceiling installation is not installed on the wall </p>
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