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    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2017
    <p>Prestressed concrete is a way to alleviate the inherent lack of tension in concrete. This method can be used to make beams, flooring and conventional reinforced concrete difficult to build a large <a href="">house deck designs</a> collapse of the bridge. Prestressed concrete utilizes a cable (usually a high tension-resistant cable or rod) to provide pressure at both ends to resist and offset the tensile force in the concrete part of the tensile force, while the traditional reinforced concrete is the steel directly into the pouring Of the concrete.</p><p> Place the prestressed concrete on the stretched cable. This method can produce a good connection <a href="">pergola with removable panels</a> between the cable and the concrete, can also protect the cable from erosion, and easy to pull the direct transfer. After the curing of the concrete attached and connected to the steel; by the impact of static friction, once the cable tension is released, it will be converted into the pressure applied to the concrete.</p><p>However, this method requires the stretched cable to be located between two fixed anchors, and <a href="">composite porch flooring charlotte nc</a> the cable is usually straight. As a result, most of the pre-drawn concrete components are manufactured at the factory and must be transported to the site by means of transport equipment; hence dimensions become their constraints. The pre-drawn concrete component may be a balcony part, a beam, a floor, a beam or a foundation pile. The use of pre-pull method of this innovative bridge construction method is called a bridge.</p><p> Relative to the first method, after the law is in the concrete has been put and maintenance is completed after the pressure. Place the plastic, steel or aluminum tube in the place where the component will produce the stress load and pour the concrete outside the curved tube, and string <a href="">processing wood plastic composite</a> the high strength wire rope in the curved tube.</p>
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