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    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2017
    <p>SN steel is one of the specifications of structural steel used in contemporary society. Because of its special engineering requirements, it can enhance the "strength", "toughness" and "weldability" of steel, and has better earthquake resistance. The older SS series and SM series steels are not easy to control because of the fact that the maximum yield strength or tensile <a href="">2015 new uv resistant outdoor wpc decking</a> strength is not limited, so that the strength of building materials may be too high and the yield ratio is insufficient. </p><p>So a new generation of SN series of materials specifications will be born in response. SN steel is mainly used in housing structures, factories, stations and other buildings, because the high security requirements in some advanced countries will be the use of SN steel requirements limit. The above and <a href="">how to build a deck bench with composite material</a> lower limits of the reduction strength can control the variability of the steel drop strength. (B) the three-dimensional structure may generate additional seismic eccentricity or torque in the inelastic phase; </p><p>the three-dimensional structure may have an additional seismic eccentricity or torque; Capacity design concept can not be implemented. The higher the Charpy impact value indicates that <a href="">revolution vinyl siding</a> the higher the energy required to produce the same fracture surface, the lower the Charpy impact value is less likely to produce unstable crack growth (or brittle fracture), so the tolerance for welding defects is also higher. The Charpy impact value is greatly influenced by the temperature and loading rate at the time of testing.</p><p> The lower the temperature at the test, the higher the loading rate is, the lower the Charpy impact value. The Charpy impact test is generally carried out at a minimum temperature in terms of the use of the structure, but the loading rate of the Charpy impact test is much higher than the loading rate of the structural force, so the temperature of the Charpy impact test can be slightly increased, Compensating <a href="">prefab metal buildings</a> for the difference in loading rates.</p>
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