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    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2017
    <p>Wood is a sub-grown plant, such as trees and shrubs, formed by lignified tissues. Is a porous fibrous tissue. Trees and shrubs After the primary growth, the vasculature in the rhizomes begins to move, developing <a href="">deck floor panels</a> phlooms outward, and developing wood inward. Wood is the formation of the vascular layer inward development of plant tissue collectively, including xylem and wood lines. Wood for the main products of the forest, for human life plays a great role in support. Depending on the nature of the wood, they are used in different ways, such as fuel and building materials.</p><p> Wood is a natural <a href="">composite decking weight vs wood</a> organic composite material, composed of cellulose fibers (strong tensile strength) and lignin matrix (strong compressive strength). General wood is defined as the xylem of the secondary growth of the stem. There are about one million tons of wood on earth, about 10 million tons a year. </p><p>The large reserves of wood, and carbon neutral renewable materials, is one of the most interesting renewable energy. (Mainly calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and manganese) [5]. Wood also contains a small amount of sulfur, chlorine, silicon, phosphorus and other elements. The main components of dry <a href="">panel to cover a block wall</a> wood are lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. Cellulose is a glucose-derived crystalline polymer, accounting for about 41 to 43%.</p><p> accounted for 27% of deciduous trees and 23% of conifers. Lignin is hydrophobic due to its benzene ring. Paper processing is the focus of the separation of cellulose and lignin, and then use cellulose to paper. Considering its chemical composition, the difference between hardwood and softwood is in the composition of lignin. Hardwood lignin is mainly derived from mustard alcohol and methotrexate, and cork lignin is mainly <a href="">wood stair rail by foot price</a> derived from methoxone.</p>
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