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    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2017
    <p>the carving is a computer carving, follow the standardized production, sculpture application of modern high-tech, Some of the advanced elm Chinese custom furniture, carved is pure hand carving, crafted, set culture and art heritage in one. The above is the characteristics and advantages of elm Chinese furniture introduced by Xiaobian. We hope to help you. Learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.In the purchase </p>
    <p>of ecological wood angle to buy from the overall, details, processing quality, pricing and other aspects. The installation method of ecological wood angle is fixed with gas nail gun. The cement structure is fixed with ecological wood angle and glue is used to install ecological wood angle. Here look at the ecological wood angle of the purchase and installation method bar. 1, how to choose the wood angle line 1. From the whole point of view the entire wood line </p>
    <p>must be straight, smooth, smooth, no distortion, hand touch smooth, no burr. If the lines are not straight, it is difficult to ensure that the seams tight, will directly affect the decorative effect. 2. From the details of the wood line should be no scar, cracking, decay, insects and so on. Not only to see the front of the wood line. Also check the quality of the back. 3. From the processing quality point of view to be clear. Processing depth to be consistent; has been painted </p>
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