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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2017
    <p>not bright yellow, is the grade of the light yellow line. 5, walnut: texture look good outdoor store with a lot of mahogany home style is also very much with the use of high-quality, low-grade, 6, grapefruit color, Thai pomelo color: is the closest to the wood color, is the production of ecological wood inside the most color. 7, old wood color: ancient wood of the visual effects, the logs are somewhat dark green feeling. 8, mahogany: hotel store decoration and other solid </p>
    <p>wood effect, the grade. Second, the home decoration color with the principle of 1, space color can not exceed three, of which white, black is not color. Gold, silver can be matched with any color, gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray. 2, in the absence of designer guidance, the best home color gray color is: the wall shallow, in the deep, deep furniture. Do not use warm hue in kitchen, except for yellow color. Kill the dark green tiles. 3, </p>
    <p>determined not to put different materials but the same color of the material together, otherwise, you will have half the opportunity to make mistakes. Want to create a bright modern home atmosphere, then you do not use those printed with flowers and flowers (except plants), try to use plain design. 4, the color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color with the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light. The color of the ceiling </p>
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