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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2016

    A dealer admits, specialized distribution in the domestic bamboo flooring, not proper policy. Most dealers said that consumers lack the performance of bamboo flooring,use masonite as decking stability awareness, not formed a solid wood floor with the same high degree of credibility consumption concept. This time, Anji bamboo flooring company with solid wood flooring and new varieties as a pioneer, the dealer is also steady win.

    Industry "strategic orientation" into the domestic market from a series of bamboo flooring company, the days of vibration "do not sell bamboo flooring," seems to be the trend, exterior balconies of plastic wood bench similar enterprises in the domestic market have abandoned the pure bamboo flooring attack, instead from the field of bamboo furniture, wood floors and other priorities dominate the market.pine cone hand railing Interview, the official said floor spring water, which is the domestic enterprises face bamboo flooring momentum is not busy on the measures taken.

    With different foreign trade, domestic sales channels and brand building needs more. look at whether its paint rich, full, smooth, nails can also be used in paint draw two, to see whether the scratches. Internal Quality: First look at the material, can weigh and hand eye view.plastic composite oriented strand board If the floor is light in the hand, indicating that the use of tender bamboo, when the sharp eyes of its texture vague description of this bamboo is not fresh compared with Chen bamboo.

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