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    <p>The composition of the paint Film-forming material - is the basis of the coating, which plays a decisive role in the performance of coatings and coatings, it has the function of bonding the other components of the coating to form a coating. There are many kinds of substances that can be used as a film-forming material, and the contemporary paint industry <a href="">composite laminate flooring suppliers</a> mainly uses resin. Resin is an amorphous state of the existence of organic matter, usually refers to the polymer. In the past, the use of natural resin coating materials for the film, modern is widely used synthetic resin, such as: alkyd resin, acrylic resin, chlorinated rubber resin, epoxy resin. Pigment - is a major component of colored paint (pigment). </p><p>The pigment gives the coating a color so that the coating has the ability to cover the object to be coated to exert its decorative and protective effects. Some pigments can also provide such as: to improve the mechanical properties <a href="">wpc decking italy price</a> of paint film to improve the durability of the film to provide anti-corrosion, conductive, flame retardant and other properties. Pigment by source can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments; according to chemical composition</p><p> divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments; according to the role of paint can be divided into coloring pigments, physical pigments <a href="">anti skid floor Malaysia</a> and special pigments. Paint used in the most inorganic pigments, synthetic pigments are also widely used, and now the development of organic pigments soon.</p><p> Solvent - the coating material in the coating can be dissolved or dispersed into a uniform liquid, in order to facilitate the construction of film, when the construction can be evaporated from the paint to the atmosphere of the material, in principle, the solvent does not constitute a coating, nor Should remain in the coating. Many chemicals, including water, inorganic compounds and organic compounds can be used as solvent components of the coating. Some of the coatings have been developed and used in some applications that dissolve or disperse the film-forming material as a liquid material and can <a href="">Wood Plastic Products With Healty Life</a> chemically react with the film-forming material during the construction of the film to form a new substance and remain in the paint film. </p>
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