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    <p>Nitrocellulose is the nitrocellulose as the main body, adding resin, plasticizer, solvent and additives from the preparation. Nitrocellulose paint is a one-component paint, is volatile film. And the main<a href="">WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trust</a> lacquer and the day the water is proportionally mixed with the liquid. Unsaturated polyester coating (PE) Unsaturated polyester, referred to as PE, in the wood coating is generally used as a middle coating (polished primer) and topcoat, not for primer use, three liquid reactivity is mainly used for piano Paint.</p><p> Polyurethane coating (PU) from the main paint, curing agent reaction film, due to <a href="">composite decks market share Oman</a> the product of polyurethane chemical bonds, solid polyurethane coating.</p><p> By the main lacquer, curing agent, diluent in proportion to mix and mix can be used, where the diluent from the dissolved resin and adjust the viscosity effect. Hot-melt coating <a href="">wpc fence price</a> powder-like paint, through the heating equipment - hot melt melted into liquid liquid, and fully stirred evenly, for marking the mechanical planning traffic marking. Normal temperature line coating water-based paint and solvent-based paint, paint without heating. At room temperature directly for road marking construction. Through the marking machine sprayed on the road curing to form a marking. Two-component coating Two-component coating is composed of A component and B component, AB component mixture after the occurrence of cross-linking reaction, applied to <a href="">cheap wooden deck caps</a> the road surface, curing on the road to form a layer of durable coating.</p>
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