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    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2017
    <p>The film forming mechanism of the coating on the surface of the coated object is only completed the first step in the film coating, but also continue to become a solid <a href="">WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trust</a> continuous film process, in order to complete all the coating process. This process from "wet film" to "dry film" is often referred to as "dry" or "cured". This drying and curing process is the core of the coating process.</p><p> Different forms and compositions of the coating have their own film-forming mechanism, the film-forming mechanism is <a href="">buy cheapest composite decking online</a> determined by the nature of the film-forming material used for the coating. Usually we will paint the film into two categories: Non-conversion type Generally refers to the physical film, that is, mainly rely on the solvent in the coating or other volatile media evaporation, coating viscosity gradually increased to form a solid coating.</p><p> For example: acrylic paint, chlorinated rubber coatings, asphalt paint, vinyl paint Conversion type Generally refers to the film during <a href="">wood plastic composite planks metro manila supplier</a> the chemical reaction occurred, and the coating mainly rely on chemical reaction occurred film. This film is the coating material in the coating after the polymerization process known as polymer coating process, can be said to be a special polymer synthesis, it fully follows the polymer synthesis reaction mechanism. For example: alkyd paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane <a href="">Best Base For Wood Patio Floor</a> coatings, phenolic coatings. However, most of the modern paint is not a single way to film, but rely on a variety of ways to eventually film.</p>
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