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    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2017
    <p>Building materials refers to the general term for various materials used in civil engineering, referred to as "building materials". In the narrow sense of the building materials is used for civil <a href="">What Is the Difference Between Composite Floor and Metal</a> engineering materials, such as steel, sand, glass, cement, paint, etc., usually cement, steel and sand as the general construction of the three major materials.</p><p> Broadly used building materials also include materials for construction equipment, such as wires, pipes and so on. Building materials <a href="">floor materials for exterior of a house</a> by use can be divided into three categories: structural materials, decorative materials and special materials. </p><p>Structural materials are mainly used for the construction of the theme structure, decorative <a href="">exterior floor tiles ghana</a> materials are mainly used for interior decoration to enhance the appearance of the building and the use of special materials are mainly used for such as waterproof, fire, insulation and other purposes.</p><p> Architectural "building materials" refers to the discipline of the physical and chemical properties of different building materials. According to the chemical composition of materials can be divided into organic materials, inorganic materials and these two types of composite materials. According to the material source can be divided into natural materials and artificial materials. According to the use of materials can be divided into building materials, decorative materials, building functional materials and <a href="">WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trust</a> construction equipment.</p>
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