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    <p>Steel or steel, steel, is a combination of iron and other elements of the alloy, the most common is the carbon. Carbon accounts for about 0.2% to 2.1% of steel weight, depending on the grade of steel. Other sometimes [url=]cheap composite picket panel[/url] used alloying elements include manganese, chromium, vanadium and tungsten [1]. Carbon and other elements have the role of hardening agent, to prevent the lattice of iron atoms due to atomic slip over other atoms and dislocation.</p><p> It is possible to control the properties of the finished product, such as hardness, ductility and strength, by adjusting the amount of alloying elements and their [url=]can i build privacy fence out of composite[/url] presence in the form of the steel (solute element and participant phase). </p><p>Carbon steel is harder and harder than pure iron, but the ductility of this steel is worse than iron. Carbon content of more than 2.1% of the alloy called cast iron, because the melting point of this alloy is low, can cast strong . Steel is different from wrought iron, wrought iron can contain a small amount of carbon, but these carbon impurities [url=]cost for installation of handrails for deck and screen porch[/url] are mixed in the steel in the residual slag. </p><p>There are two kinds of steel and cast iron and wrought iron different characteristics, that is, high resistance to steel, and better weldability. Despite the long years before the Renaissance, people have learned how to use a variety of inefficient methods to produce steel, but the popularity of steel to wait until the seventeenth century, that is, after a more efficient production law. Since the invention of the Bessemer steelmaking method in the nineteenth century, steel became a cheap mass produced by mass production. Later, the steelmaking <a href="">WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trust</a> process through more improvements, such as alkaline oxygen steelmaking, making steel production prices lower, but at the same time better quality.</p>
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