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    <p>framework is also dominated by solid wood. The color of the whole solid wood cabinet is dominated by the red color of the oak or cherry wood, through the sculpture and the choice of wood, to achieve the careful shape of the cabinet. And then spray waterproof, let go and other paint, and then the overall fit with the cabinet. However, the layout of the cabinet is rarely wood, more daily or water soaked, or metal or stone resistance is better. Second, the </p>
    <p>solid wood cabinet market price is the number of existing wooden cabinets are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite category, solid wood veneer class. Pure solid wood cabinet on the consistency of wood species requirements, the overall nature, the effect is good. Solid wood composite cabinets to solid wood splicing materials for the substrate, the surface of solid wood veneer, the same can achieve the visual effects of solid wood. Solid wood </p>
    <p>veneer cabinet in the MDF surface double paste veneer. The latter two advantages is to avoid the surface of the raw material color and defects, to achieve the same texture color effect, not easy to deformation. The pure solid wood cabinet strength, long life, the latter two due to water-based uniform, anti-deformation, more beautiful. Solid wood door materials are high-grade teak, cherry, walnut, oak, beech. In the block of Ash, oak, Catalpa wood, low block </p>
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