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    <P>Wood flooring deformation of the reasons: wood-plastic floor is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials products,<a href=''>fabricantes de raíles de madera dura</a> in the production of high-density fiberboard produced by the process of wood flour, adding recycled plastic granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials , And then the extrusion production group made of wood plastic floor. Wood-plastic materials because of their own plastic ingredients, all wood-plastic floor is a certain plasticity. In the process of installing the floor must consider the flexibility of wood plastic to install.</P>
    <P>Note the main points are as follows: 1, the selection of qualified wood flooring and keel, wood flooring floor materials on the market level is not the same,<a href=''>opciones de cubierta del suelo del patio</a> pay attention to the choice of material density, wood powder powder material, wood powder and plastic fusion of good, The deformation of the floor will be small and more durable.</P>
    <P>2, wood-plastic keel in the pavement process, the fixed expansion screw spacing control in the 400-500 or so, should not be too large, and the installation process to ensure that the screw fixed strong, not solid recommended replacement; single keel length of not more than 3 Rice is appropriate; floor seams with double keel to ensure the floor of the fixed strength. In addition,<a href=''>cómo construir un piso gazebo</a> if the construction workers on the characteristics of wood flooring is not very understanding of the proposed use of galvanized steel keel, steel keel flatness higher welding more solid.</P>
    <P>3, wood flooring pavement, the length of a single floor of not more than 2.5 meters; between the floor and the floor joints need to reserve 4-5mm gap to ensure that the plastic mold in the late expansion of enough space. In the actual construction process,<a href=''>cubrir la cubierta existente con compuesto</a> there are workers in order to trade unions to the material by 6 meters of the whole pavement, which is not desirable.</P>
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